Mana fire
professional fire dancers

Mana Fire was originally inspired by Na Keiki O Ka Aina (The Children of the Land) a small family run school located on the island of Kauai. Stumbling upon the family by chance Ziva (founder of Mana Fire) was invited to take part in their school & performances. This local family took children from all backgrounds & shared with them the culture of the island including crafts, drumming, dancing, & fire dancing. It was there that Ziva became inspired by the culture of Hawaii & Polynesia. On returning to her home near Yosemite she endeavored to continue to share her experiences with family & friends. And so Mana Fire came to life.

The word Mana has many meanings but in essence means energy. In Hawaiian culture Mana is in everything including rocks, plants, animals and is also how someone represents themselves. Mana represents both a universal energy as well as the Hawaiian culture. It is for this reason that Ziva named this group Mana Fire to honor and serve as a constant reminder of the beauty of the Hawaiian culture she originally learned the art of fire dance from.

Today the Mana Fire team continue to explore and be inspired by many cultures from around the world. They strive to discover new forms of dance and music combining them with the art of fire.

*Banner image courtesy of Steve Montalto


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Mana Fire has the privilege of partnering with amazing musicians and photographers.


DJ & Lights
Photography & Videography

Andy Platfoot

Official Mana Fire Stage Manager
Music and Lights



Steve Montalto


Donovan Conway