One of our most popular and dynamic shows, the Mediterranean theme has been described by guests as, “A Vegas like experience.” This theme pulls inspiration from Greek and Balkan ties and features expressive fire dance choreography paired with stunning special effects, an impressive light show and exceptional sound track.

Photos courtesy of Steve Montalto, High Mountain Images.




It’s a Rockabilly Good Time with this classic hot-rod, rock‘n roll theme featuring the best in the rebellious 50’s.

Photos courtesy of Colby Brokvist and Steve Montalto.


May The FIre Be With You

A battle between the rebels and the dark side will unfold in a fiery show. This theme features lots of fire, smoke and special effects as our performers take on the rolls of Jedi and Sith.

Prepare yourself as the fire force will be strong.

Photos courtesy of Kim Lawson.


Travel back to the roaring 20’s with this sparkle and glam Gatsby theme featuring stunning choreographed pieces. Refined and classy, our performers will woo the crowd as they dance among the flames.

This theme caters great for weddings and other more upscale events. With a few minor color adjustments, it is also wonderful for a 4th of July Celebration.

Photos courtesy of Lindsey Klinger Photography & Steve Montalto.


Originally inspired by the Hawaiian fire arts culture, this theme takes a unique modern day twist with a heavy Polynesian tribal influence.

Photos courtesy of James Steed & Steve Montalto.



In this theme, Science Fantasy collides with 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery to create a unique show featuring flame throwers, smoke guns and more.

Photos courtesy of Donovan Conway Photography.

Lover’s Duet

In this fiery performance, dancers, Ziva on Fire and Derrick Vermin come together with a fiery duet. Be mesmerized as they spin across the stage artfully combining each move with the others in rhythm with the fire.

Photos courtesy of Donovan Conway Photography and Steve Montalto.